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Ponderosa Lodge Retreat

Time till Relaxation starts:

Ponderosa Lodge

One of our Favorite Lodges

With buildings dating back to the 1800s the original Ponderosa property was 3,000 acres. The Ponderosa property
was owned by Simon Musser and Tom Sturges during the 1960s. After a few years of ownership, they divided the property in half. With his half, Simon, started a private game preserve. From the early 1980’s to the mid 1990’s Si operated his own “pay to hunt” business called “The Ponderosa Hunts.” The Ponderosa Hunt was so popular it was even featured on Call of The Outdoors with host, Tom Fegley.

When Mr. Musser became ill, the property
was divided even further into smaller plots. Each plot was sold, except for the tract with the original buildings. In 1997 the original lodge burned down, and the new Ponderosa Lodge was then built. The Doll House, is one of the original buildings from the 1800’s not affected by the fire.

What to Expect

Let nature do its job

  • Fishing (Catch and release)(barb-less hooks only)

  • Hiking

  • Target shooting

  • 235 Acres to roam

  • Stay at the lodge

  • Campfires

  • Group Cookouts

  • And More!

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Are there any Fees?

Thanks to the Sponsors and Grants all expenses for the trip are paid, You do have to provide your own Transportation to the lodge, but there is no fees besides a Refundable Deposit to reserve your spot

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Can I bring my Spouse?

YES! We actually recommend making this a couples retreat. The healing power of nature isn't just for Veterans.

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Our mission at Pennsylvania Outdoor Veterans, Inc is to enhance and promote the healing of the physical and emotional well being of our combat veterans while connecting with nature and the great outdoors.

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